Storing Your Boat Safely

Boat Storage Solutions by Adult Toy Storage

With the warm summer days coming to an end soon, it’s time to prepare your boat for a winter in storage. As a significant investment, and considering all the joy it brings your friends and family, your boat deserves more care than simply tossing it in a storage unit for months at a time. Take care of your boat or jet ski before it’s time to lock it up by following these steps to ensure it comes out next year in near-perfect, seaworthy shape.

Assess the Performance

Before you put it away for the next few months, it’d be prudent to ensure you know exactly what sort of shape it’s currently in. Take your boat for one last ride and keep an eye on its performance. Are the gauges displaying correctly? Is the steering smooth? How quickly does it accelerate? By keeping these questions in mind during your last trip of the season, you can make a mental note of which services are needed to keep it operating at peak performance. Maintenance concerns can worsen during a long period without use, so it’s more cost effective to get those little problems fixed now rather than dealing with big issues later.

Clean It Thoroughly

Boats can be expensive, and most people like being seen cruising around in a nice looking watercraft, so boat owners typically want to care for its appearance as much as possible. The debris, dirt, salt and micro-organisms found in local bodies of water can adhere to the surface of your boat, potentially causing severe paint and sealant damage if not cleaned before storage. Small grains of sand or gunk left on your boat’s hull over the winter can eventually cause major abrasions and even cracks that could compromise its seaworthiness. It wouldn’t hurt to thoroughly clean the interior as well. Once maintenance and cleaning is complete, be sure to wax the entire exterior and cover it completely to protect it during the long winter.

Finish the Maintenance Chores

Like any vehicle you place in storage, you’ll want to ensure the motor stays in great shape over winter and is ready to run as soon as boating season comes around again. This often requires fresh fluids to lubricate the engine and prevent dirt and dust from causing damage to the most valuable components. Change the oil and antifreeze and apply a generous coating of fogging oil. Loosen or remove the boat’s drive belts to preserve the longevity of the belts during the chill and thaw over winter. If you notice other performance problems during your last ride that you may not have the expertise to tackle alone, consider asking a professional to take a look at the issue before it goes into storage. You may pay more for the expert opinion, but it’s still significantly cheaper than repairing a more significant issue in the spring.

RV, Vehicle and Boat Storage in Altamonte Springs, FL

Your boat means everything to you, so it’s important you clean and maintain it every autumn before putting it in storage until spring. When your boat is ready for months of hibernation, the experts at Adult Toy Storage will be ready. Our storage facility is specially designed to house vehicles and boats of significant value, so you’ll never have to worry about our security-minded staff’s vigilance. With valet parking and high-security indoor or outdoor storage options, your boat or recreational personal watercraft is in good hands this winter. Contact us online or call (407) 875-8111 to learn more about our unique storing solutions.