Car Storage in Altamonte Springs, FL

Car Storage

Adult Toy Storage is the largest automobile storage center in Florida, with over 225,000 square of feet available for automobile storage. Our buildings are secure, with entrance and exit cameras to record everyone that enters our property.

We also have individual storage bays, for those that want to store 2 or 3 vehicles with access that is limited only to the owner. Each storage space is in a covered, locked, secure building, and you are granted access 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All automobiles are valet parked. We offer a complimentary car cover for your vehicle for the length of storage if you do not have one.

We offer storage for your extra vehicles, exotic cars, custom cars, old cars, new cars, kids vehicles while they are home from college, while they are away from college, collections of cars, pickup trucks, box trucks, business vans, fleets of vehicles, or just if you need more garage space.