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Premier RV Storage Solutions in Orlando, FL

Adult Toy Storage has provided the Orlando area with premier RV storage solutions for more than three decades. We boast more than 950,000 square feet of non-climate indoor and outdoor storage space at our state-of-the-art facility. Our RV storage units can accommodate small, medium, and even the largest recreational vehicle, travel trailer, or fifth-wheel camper. We are a secure and cost-effective means of storing your RV when you’re not using it to travel. When you store your RV indoors with us, it is valet-parked. Outdoor boat storage is self-parking. Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor RV storage solution, you can rest assured knowing your RV will be well-maintained throughout its stay at our premier facility. You’ll also have access to our wash stations at your convenience. Look no further than Adult Toy Storage for the best RV storage facility in the Orlando area.

rv at dump station

What to Expect From Our RV Storage Solutions?

The expert team at Adult Toy Storage is dedicated to top-notch customer service, including saving our clients space and money with our secure storage options. As one of Central Florida’s most extensive storage facilities with some of the lowest prices in our area, you can expect to get your money’s worth when you park your RV at our property. Whether you opt for an indoor or outdoor RV storage unit at our facilities, you’ll get peace of mind knowing your vehicle will be completely enclosed. Here’s what you can expect from our RV storage solutions:

Well-Maintained Units

Our indoor and outdoor parking spaces are well-lit and well-maintained to ensure the security of your RV. We also offer complete wash, air, and dump stations to keep your RV clean while it’s in storage.

Enhanced Security Features & Video Surveillance

Our storage facility is equipped with perimeter fencing and recorded video surveillance. Our cameras capture license tags upon entry and exit. You must also enter a code when attempting access at our electronic gate.

24/7 Access Available

To ensure your RV is accessible to you even after-hours, we offer 24/7 access at our premier storage facility. We know our clients hit the open road at all times of the day or night. You never have to wait for our office to be open to retrieve or return your RV.

Drive-Up Access

We offer convenient drive-up access and valet parking for our valued clients. When you’re ready to retrieve your RV for another fun-filled adventure, drive up, and our team will get it ready for you. You can retrieve or return your RV any day of the week.

Professional, Long-Term Employees

The majority of our staff has been with us since 1990 when we opened. Our employees are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.

Secure Storage

Leaving your RV in your driveway or on the street risks exposure to the elements and unwanted guests. When you store your RV safely inside our secure facility, you never have to worry about your property not being protected.

The Benefits of Indoor Vs. Outdoor RV Storage

Whether you choose indoor RV storage or outdoor storage, you’ll be getting high-quality, cost-effective storage solutions. When you opt for indoor RV storage, your RV will remain completely secure and in optimal condition, protected from the outside elements. Outdoor storage is more cost-effective and will ensure your RV is more accessible. You won’t have to wait on our valet team to retrieve your RV – you can do it yourself, any time, any day. Whatever you choose, Adult Toy Storage can keep your boat safe, secure, and enclosed, even with our outdoor storage options.

The Benefits of RV Storage at Our Premier Facility

Aside from your neighbors frowning on you for parking your RV in your driveway, many cities have ordinances against parking RVs on private property or city streets. If you’re loading or unloading, you should be fine. However, you may want to check with your city to see about the limited amount of time you’re allowed to have your RV parked to avoid hefty fines. For this and many other reasons, RV storage solutions seem to make the most sense.

You’ve invested a great deal of money in your RV, and you want to protect it from theft, vandalism, and the elements when it’s not in use. A self-storage facility such as Adult Toy Storage makes the perfect place to park it in between road trips or during the winter to protect it from frost, ice, or snow. It’s also a lot easier to store your RV in a storage facility with parking spaces large enough to accommodate it, as most driveways are too narrow.

Recreational vehicles parked

Why Choose Adult Toy Storage for RV Storage?

Adult Toy Storage has dutifully served the RV storage needs of the Orlando, FL area since 1990. Today, we’re one of Central Florida’s most extensive storage facilities. We are equipped with well-maintained units, courteous staff, and some of the lowest prices in the area. With over 950,000 square feet of parking available, you won’t find a better-suited place for your RV parking needs.

Many of our employees have remained with us over the years to offer useful dos and don’ts of RV storage and other customer advice. While many of these tips for safely storing your RV during the summer or winter may seem like common sense, we encourage you to look at our blogs, as many contain valuable information.

Reserve a Space at Adult Toy Storage Today

Our storage facility features video surveillance, electronic gate access, and fully enclosed and locked buildings to ensure your boat is kept safe and secure at all times. We’re also open seven days a week with 24-hour access and valet parking. With more than 30 years in business, we know how to take care of our customers. We proudly offer valet parking, low month-to-month rates, and 24/7/365 availability.

When it comes to our customers and their storage needs, we’re the experts. Our facility provides secure storage, 24/7 drive-up access, video surveillance, and over 1,650 indoor and outdoor parking spaces. We have plenty of room to store your RV, boatcartrailer, ATV, jet ski, or commercial vehicle. To learn more about our RV storage solutions and pricing, contact us today.

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