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Store Your Car at Adult Toy Storage

As the largest automobile storage center in Florida, Adult Toy Storage offers over 225,000 sq. ft. of available automobile storage space. Our facility is safe and secure, with entrance and exit cameras to record everyone that comes and goes from our property. We store all types of cars – day-to-day, exotic, custom, old, new, and more. We can even store your collection of cars, pick-up trucks, box trucks, business vans, or fleet of vehicles. Adult Toy Storage is that extra garage space you’ve never had but have always wanted. We’ll safely store your cherished cars, so you don’t have to. To reserve space in our facility, give us a call today!

Orange Luxury Car

Car Storage Features

At Adult Toy Storage, we provide a wide variety of security features, as well as video surveillance, to ensure your vehicle is safe from the elements and potential theft. We offer the following car storage features:

Drive-Up Access

Our professionals will get your car safely situated in our facility. When you’re ready to retrieve your car, simply drive up.

Secure Storage

You’ll never have to worry about theft or vandalism when you store your car at our secure facility. We protect your vehicle from the elements and unwanted guests.

24/7 Access

We provide 24/7 access for your convenience, so you never have to wait for us to open or rush to us before we close.

Video Surveillance

To ensure the safety and security of your car, our facility features comprehensive video surveillance.

We Care for Your Car Like It Was Our Own

At Adult Toy Storage, we offer individual storage bays for those wanting to store one or two vehicles with access limited only to them. Each of these highly-sought-after storage spaces is covered, locked, and secure. As the vehicles’ owner, you are granted 24/7 access. Additionally, we offer complimentary car covers for your vehicles throughout the length of storage if you do not have your own. At Adult Toy Storage, your car is safe and secure in our care. While your automobile is stored with us, you’ll never have to worry. To learn more about our storage options, call our facility today.

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