Must-Have Accessories for Your RV This Year

Must-Have Accessories for your RV at Adult Toy Storage

RV Accessories in the Orlando Area


Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you have to cook everything over a campfire. Here are a few small appliances and accessories to help keep your meals varied and healthy.

  • Slow cooker/rice maker: Slow cookers are a versatile tool, allowing you to cook full meals over the course of several hours with little effort. Some also double as a rice cooker, which means you can create main dishes and sides with half the mess!
  • Cast iron cookware: On a fire or a stove-top, cast iron is a versatile cooking surface. As long as you keep it properly stored and seasoned, your cast iron cookware could last you decades.
  • Portable ice maker: Water from your faucet won’t always come out as cold as you’d like, especially during the hot summer months. A portable ice maker can quickly make fresh ice in as little as five minutes, ensuring you’ll be traveling refreshed and hydrated


If you bring any devices with you, such as a laptop or iPad, you’ll obviously want to keep them charged and functioning. In addition to all the cords you’ll be bringing, there are a few other electronics that might come in handy while you’re out adventuring.

  • Internet access: While having wireless internet isn’t a necessity, some people just can’t seem to live without it! You obviously can’t hook up an RV with your local cable company, but most phone carriers offer large or even unlimited data plans. If you’re going to be on the road for a while it might be a good idea to opt for as much as you can afford.
  • Solar charger: If any of your other chargers fail, or you somehow lose power, it’s always best to have a backup to keep your devices running when you need them most.
  • GPS: While you might want to get figuratively lost in the great outdoors, actually getting lost is something you’ll want to avoid! A GPS will help keep you on track no matter where you go. Some models also provide relevant weather and traffic information, so you’ll always be prepared.


  • Hand vacuum: Your RV is like a home away from home. Just like your stationary house, it’s a good idea to keep it clean for your health and sanity. A small vacuum can get into carpeting, seat cushions and bedding alike, allowing you to keep your limited space as neat as possible.
  • Emergency kit: Always be sure to keep a kit full of emergency supplies with you while travelling. It should include things like: first aid supplies, matches, a flashlight and anything else you think you might need in a pinch while camping or driving.

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