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Maitland’s breathtaking natural beauty should be enjoyed without the stress of wondering where you’re going to store your car, RV, trailer, boat. There are so many activities and adventures to be had, so let us worry about your vehicle so you can worry about having fun. Adult Toy Storage specializes in the housing the things that makes life fun. Let our trusted business show you what it means to have worry-free storage.

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Quick facts about Maitland

  • Maitland is one of the oldest incorporated suburban municipalities in central Florida.
  • The area was previously inhabited by Timucuan Native Americans.
  • The town was originally named for a nearby Lake, which honored Captain William Seton Maitland, who fought in the Second Seminole Indian War and was slain in the battle of Wahoo Swamp.
  • After the Civil War, the area began to grow, and a post office opened at Lake Maitland in 1872. Around this post office, a small town grew. The area was put into extensive citrus production.
  • For many years, Lake Maitland remained a rural village, beautified by large oak trees planted by early town aldermen. However, the old town began to rapidly modernize as Orlando’s suburban sprawl reached the town in the mid 1920s.
  • In 1959, Lake Maitland was incorporated as a city. The “Lake” was officially dropped from the name at this time, although the post office changed to “Maitland” in 1901 and the town was rarely referred to as “Lake Maitland”.
  • The town’s “historical corridor” encompasses old residences still standing and occupied in the Lake Lily-Lake Catherine area and extending through the central portion of the city.
  • Maitland has many picturesque parks along lakes, which attract many boaters.
  • The Maitland Center was established in 1982 adjacent to Interstate 4. Today its 226 acres includes over 400 businesses and over 45 office buildings.
  • Maitland is home to the nationally recognized and Central Florida’s only full-time independent movie theater, Enzian Theater, and is home to the Florida Film Festival.
  • The Maitland Art Center (formerly the Research Studio, 1937)is a designated a National Historic Landmark (2014) for its unique Mayan Revival and Fantasy Architecture.

Things to do in Maitland

Explore, learn, and play with a plethora of activities, museums, and more in Maitland. Below are some of our top picks for things to do while visiting, or even if you live here! Maitland’s natural beauty is sure to wow you.

  • Scenic Boat Tours—Easy, inexpensive, and exciting! Maitland’s Scenic Boat Tour is a natural attraction! They offer a one-hour guided tour through the chain of lakes which are sure to inspire you.
  • The Audubon Center for Birds of Prey—Sure, birds of prey are cool, but birds of prey up close and personal is even cooler. Learn and hang out with these amazing animals and see how the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey also help birds in need.
  • Lake Lily Park—For a fun, free afternoon, spend it at Lake Lily Park. Bask in the sun with your picnic, or play on the playground. Enjoy lake views and the farmers market on Sundays. You might even see ducklings!
  • Maitland Art Center—The Maitland Art Center was founded as an art colony (called the Research Studio) in 1938 by visionary American artist and architect André Smith (1880-1959). Now you can explore its beautiful buildings and the works they house.

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