Should I Store My Boat Indoors or Outdoors?

Indoor Boat Storage

As summer winds down, boat owners need to start thinking about whether indoor or outdoor storage is the best option to keep their vessels protected and out of the way when not in use.

Advantages of Storing Your Boat Indoors

Moving boats indoors is a popular choice among owners. Before picking a facility, however, keep a few things in mind.


Boats stored in indoor facilities undoubtedly have more protection than boats stored outdoors because they are in a completely enclosed area. Storing your boat indoors provides more protection from potentially hazardous weather and keeps it out of sight. This type of storage reduces the odds your boat will be stolen or vandalized.

In 2017, U.S. watercraft thefts decreased by 5 percent. However, Florida remained the state with the most thefts; 1,163 watercrafts were reported stolen. At 34 percent, the recovery rate isn’t promising — it’s the lowest rate of recovery within the top five states for boat thefts. Storing your vessel in an indoor facility might be the best way to prevent becoming part of this statistic.


Climate controlled indoor units also provide your boat with extra protection from hazardous weather. Some storage facilities, like Adult Toy Storage, are also equipped with video surveillance cameras and monitored by security to ensure no harm befalls your boat.


If you live in the heart of a major city, boat storage close to home may not be possible. Depending on the allotted space at the facility, there may not be an open space for your boat, or your boat may be too large for their accommodations. Choosing a location near the water will make taking your boat out of storage a much simpler process.

Downsides to Indoor Boat Storage

While indoor boat storage offers unparalleled protection and amenities, it is costly, especially when compared to outdoor storage. Depending on the storage facility you choose, access to your boat could also be limited, making it difficult to use your own vessel on occasion.

At Adult Toy Storage, you won’t have to worry about that – we give our customers access to their boats 24/7.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Storing Your Boat Outdoors

While it’s a less common decision, there are benefits to keeping your boat outside rather than hauling it indoors for a few months.

Cost Efficiency

For boat owners on a budget, outdoor storage is the best solution. Blocking a boat on an empty lot is easily the least expensive storage method.

Larger Accommodations

Outdoor boat storage does not have the same space limitations that an indoor facility has. For those with sailboats, virtually the only way to store them is outdoors where there is no height limit, and longer boats are often too large to fit in smaller sized lots.

Easy Access

Unlike many indoor storage facilities, outdoor lots allow owners easier access to their watercraft. Should you want to take your boat out on the water now and then, it will be much simpler if your boat is stored outdoors rather than having to pull your boat out of an indoor facility. The stringent security measures of indoor facilities are ideal for many boat owners; however, they can make things unbearably difficult on those occasions where you would like to use your boat.

The downside of outdoor storage options is that they obviously do not provide the same level of protection from the elements, and many are only able to offer limited security measures.

Universal Boat Storage Best Practices

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the best ways to protect your boat from theft while in storage include:

  • When you “dock it, lock it”
  • Remove expensive equipment when not in use
  • Chain and lock detachable motors
  • Do not leave title or registration papers behind
  • Disable the boat by shutting fuel lines or removing batteries

Boat Storage Made Easy With Adult Toy Storage

No matter which storage option you choose, Adult Toy Storage can accommodate your boat. As the largest boat and RV storage facility in Florida, we are proud to offer residents and businesses of Orange County and all surrounding areas with top tier service at our state-of-the-art Orlando storage facility. We offer several boat storage solutions, including secure storage, drive-up access, 24/7 access and video surveillance to keep your prized possession safe and sound all season long.

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