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RV Space Saving Tips

RV Storage Facility in the Orlando Area

Traveling in an RV gives you all the freedom of a road trip within the comforts of a small, personal slice of home. It’s the ultimate tiny-living space! The smaller area, however, requires a more efficient organization than you’d need in a full-sized house or apartment. Following these tips and tricks will help you maximize the utility of every wall and corner so you can fit any supplies or amenities you can think of for your next RV adventure.


When you’re hurting for storage space, any empty surface becomes a place to put things. Command hooks are a great way to hang things on your big, blank walls without having to worry about nails or screws. Put some above your kitchen sink or dining area to hang cooking utensils or light pots and pans. They also work well as hand towel hangers in the bathroom.

Hang two hooks across from one another and place the ends of saran wrap or aluminum foil rolls onto the hooks to create a convenient food wrapping station.

Some metal hooks fold away when not in use, making them perfect for drying a wet towel or hanging up a coat only when needed.

Doors and Cabinets

Doors and cabinets are also highly underutilized spaces. Traditional trash cans can take up a lot of valuable floor space in your RV kitchen. Solve this dilemma by putting a small over-the-cabinet trash can underneath your sinks for easy access.

The same hooks that you put on walls can be put on the inside of kitchen and bathroom cabinets to store even more small utensils or toiletries.

You can create or buy bags and caddies that fit up against a variety of door types to hold extra knick-knacks such as shoes and other supplies.

Drawers and Shelves

Slide out drawers are a great way to discretely create some extra storage space. If you plan on doing any serious renovations to your RV in the near future you can create storage seating benches or add drawers under table surfaces to create impromptu desk spaces. Plastic slide-out drawers can also be purchased as a more cost-effective option.

If you still have wall or ceiling space you haven’t used up, consider hanging wire or cloth shelves to add even more room for storage.

All These Tips Are Great, But Where Can I Find Space to Store My RV in the Orlando Area?

When you need a secure place to store your RV, contact Adult Toy Storage in Altamonte Springs. We are the largest boat and RV storage facility in Florida, with more than 950,000 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor parking. Our state-of-the-art facility has many outstanding features such as valet parking, complete wash, air and dump stations, and enhanced security.

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