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Car storage area

Car Storage Facility In Altamonte Springs, FL

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to store your vehicle at a secure, dedicated storage facility such as Adult Toy Storage. Whether you want your vehicle protected from the elements or vandalism, free up space in your garage or driveway, or are going out of town, storing your vehicle in a secure location where it’s out of the way yet monitored may be the ideal solution for your situation.

Protection from the Elements

Keeping your car parked outdoors means it is exposed to all the elements, including extreme temperatures, wind, moisture, and pests. The hot Florida sun can beat down on your vehicle, causing havoc on the paint job, dashboard and interior. Hail damage is also frequent enough to be a concern, especially during intense storms, so parking a vehicle outside for extended periods of time can be hazardous.

Parking your vehicle under trees can be harmful to a number of reasons. A branch or tree limb may break loose during a storm and fall onto it causing body damage. Many trees also release sticky liquids that can ruin your car’s paint and some even have small berries that are a huge pain to clean off.

Protection from Vandalism

Parking on the street is dangerous because you never know when a driver not paying attention is going to sideswipe your vehicle or knock off your side mirror. You also never know when kids playing in the street may accidentally break your windshield with a stray baseball or basketball.

Even if you park in the driveway, you still aren’t protected from vandals who get a thrill from ruining people’s day by committing pointless property damage such as slashing tires and breaking windows. Worst of all, you risk having your vehicle stolen altogether.

Freeing up Space

We all know how valuable that very limited garage space really is. If you have more than one or two vehicles, some of which aren’t driven regularly, the best option isn’t to park them in the street, driveway, or even the backyard, but to put them in storage. Lots of homeowners like to have their garage at least partially free to store items or do various projects, but if that garage is jam-packed full of vehicles you’ll barely even be able to walk through it.

Going Out of Town

Whether you are taking a much-deserved vacation, going away on business, or only live in Florida part of the year, storing your extra vehicles is a great option. Keeping your car secured at Adult Toy Storage in Altamonte gives you peace of mind knowing your car is protected.

Storing your vehicle at Adult Toy Storage can protect it from:

  • Heat and Sunlight
  • Rain and Hail
  • Wind
  • Pests
  • Trees
  • Thieves
  • Dust
  • And More

Adult Toy Storage offers additional security features that you would not get from storing your vehicle in your own garage including:

  • Electronic Gates/Perimeter Fencing
  • Recorded Video Surveillance
  • Fully Enclosed and Locked Buildings
  • And Much More

Store your car, truck, SUV, van, RV, or boat at Adult Toy Storage, the largest boat and RV storage facility in Florida. Contact us today to learn more.