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Hydrofoil bike

Recreational Vehicles Available at Adult Toy Storage

With the holidays in the rearview mirror, many people are beginning to focus on accomplishing their recently-made New Year’s resolutions. While most New Year’s resolutions often revolve around getting healthy, it’s also common for some to make their resolution about travel and making an effort to see the world. In a 2015 Nielson poll, 28 percent of New Year’s resolutions was to “enjoy life to the fullest” and 14 percent of resolution makers wanted to “travel more.”1

If your New Year’s resolution involves getting outside and getting the most out of your travels, consider making some upgrades to your adult toy arsenal. New technology is providing travelers with recreation opportunities not seen before, including everything from cycling on the surface of the ocean to diving deep below it in a private submarine. Here are our favorite new recreation vehicles available just in time for the New Year.

Hydrofoiler XE-1

Have you ever wanted to take a leisurely bike ride on the surface of a body of water? The newly released Hydrofoiler XE-1 from Manta5 allows you to do just that. The Hydrofoiler is an aquatic bicycle that combines hydrofoil technology with a 400-watt lithium battery-powered engine to allow riders to effortlessly glide across the water. The bike features a lightweight aluminum frame and a six and half-foot rear wingspan for optimized balance and performance.

DTV Shredder

A unique combination of snowboarding, jet skiing, and off-roading, the DTV Shredder provides a versatile and innovative take on outdoor recreational vehicles. The Shredder is an all-terrain, all-season vehicle that’s powered by a 208cc engine. The rider stands upright, holding on to handlebars for balance and breaking, but controls the steering by leaning left or right on a snowboard-style deck. The vehicle conquers sand, mud or snow using its two tank-style tracks underneath the deck.

Cruise Sub Series

Maybe your New Year’s resolution involves taking some friends or family on a private deep-sea excursion. If that’s the case, consider the new Cruise Sub Series from U-Boat Worx as your next recreational purchase. The Cruise Sub Series features six design models capable of reaching depths anywhere from about 900 to 5,000 feet. Each sub seats at least five people, with certain models seating as many as 11. The battery-powered subs are easy to operate, low maintenance, and provide excellent views through the front and rear large acrylic spheres.

Segway One S1

Segways have come a long way since their unveiling in the early 2000s. The newest addition to the Segway family, the Segway One S1, takes the product even further for 2018. The S1 has a similar look to a unicycle, forgoing handlebars in favor of a completely hands-free, one-wheel riding experience. The S1 is lithium-ion battery-powered, capable of reaching speeds of 12.5 miles per hour.

Tesla Roadster

Speed enthusiasts everywhere are keeping a close eye on the new, record-setting Tesla Roadster. The all-electric, all-wheel-drive car is one of the fastest in the world, capable of reaching zero to 60 miles per hour in 1.9 seconds while topping out at a maximum speed of 250 miles per hour. The Roadster isn’t all about speed, however – the “supercar” also features an efficient 620-mile range, comfortably seats four and has a removable glass roof for added comfort and style.

Zebra Boat

The all-new Zebra Boat from French engineer and designer Dimitri Bez fuses modern electric power with a classic wooden design to provide a uniquely silent yet stylish boating experience. The Zebra’s exterior is crafted from reclaimed dark wood with retro leather seating providing interior comfort for six to eight people. The curved OLED touch screen navigation provides additional modernization.

Keep All Your Toys Safe and Sound

Whether your New Year will include adventures with new recreational vehicles or you’re fine with the toys you have, keeping your boats, cars, trailers, and RVs safe and secure when not in use is always a smart decision. Adult Toy Storage has nearly 2,000 indoor and outdoor parking spaces in central Florida complete with video surveillance, 24/7 access, and on-site security. Reserve storage at Adult Toy Storage by calling (407) 848-1628 or by visiting us online today!