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RV on the road

Reserve a Space for your RV Storage in Altamonte Springs, FL

Let’s face it, RVs can be the perfect target for unscrupulous thieves, as they realize your family probably has several items of value stored inside the vehicle. The RV lifestyle is one that promotes freedom and relaxation, so the last thing you want to be worrying about is having your vehicle broken into while you are out enjoying the road and nature.

Security systems are a great way to deter would-be thieves by utilizing the latest in technology such as motion-sensing lights, loud alarm systems, and wireless notifications. Whether you utilize a full-size camper or a more compact trailer, there are certain precautions you should take to help lower the chances of a break-in while you are enjoying the great outdoors.

How to Park

If you are parking in a public area look for a well-lit spot and do your best to always avoid secluded areas. The more people who will see your vehicle means the thieves will be less likely to approach it.

Many campers back in at campgrounds to make it easier to leave once they are finished enjoying their excursion. This can also make it easy for someone to steal your vehicle, so the best course of action is for you to reverse your rig to limit their access, parking so that the hitch is away from standard access.


This may seem like it should go without saying, but always lock your RV, even if you only plan on being away from it for a couple of minutes. This might seem like an inconvenience but it will be worth it in the event of an attempted break-in.

  • Buy a special tongue or pin lock system so someone can’t just drive off with your trailer
  • Use a trailer hitch lock or cable lock for a trailer or fifth wheel
  • Install deadbolt locks that can’t be picked by thieves
  • Change factory default locks because these keys are easy to come by
  • Use boot locks to cover wheels to prevent them from turning and protect lug nuts so your wheels stay on
  • Utilize a lock that goes around the kingpin such as a padlock or cylinder lock
Hide Your Valuables

Today it seems nearly impossible to go anywhere without electronics or something valuable that thieves might want to get their hands on. If you must take these expensive items with you, try your best not to leave them lying around inside your RV. If you must, keep them out of sight so thieves cannot see them from outside your vehicle. You can also use an RV safe to protect your valuable items.

Many RVs have storage compartments, but those are an easy target so try to hide things more creatively. Auxiliary generators are commonly taken, so be sure to keep them secured as well. Unfortunately, you probably shouldn’t even be leaving out items such as chairs, coolers, and grills. We’d all like to think these kinds of petty thefts are above everyone, but that’s unfortunately not the case.

RV Storage in Orlando

Adult Toy Storage offers more than 1,900 secure storage spaces and is the largest boat and RV facility in Florida. With nearly a million square feet of indoor and outdoor parking rentals and several enhanced security measures, Adult Toy Storage is the best place to store your RV to keep it safe until you are ready to enjoy it again.