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Happy family sitting in the boat

Indoor & Outdoor Boat Storage Facility in Orlando Area

For any avid boater or watercraft lover, a boat is a major investment that requires immense amounts of time and effort. Although your boat may be a prized possession, like a home, you may outgrow or tire of it in the future, leading you to dress it up once again for resale. Before selling it off to the highest bidder, ensure your boat is in ship-shape by upgrading its most vital components, so you can reap some profit at the sale.


Your boat’s canvas sees a lot of abuse from the elements during trips on the water. From the moisture to the whipping winds, there’s plenty of opportunities for even the strongest canvas to be ripped, stretched or dirtied. With a strict schedule of cleaning and scrubbing, your canvas can last a little longer than usual, but may still require a replacement within five years or so. Luckily, there’s no better time to upgrade than just before reselling your boat. A brand new or very lightly used canvas can fetch hundreds of dollars more in resale value, making it a sound investment.

You may even want to take your canvas upgrade a step further by installing a few conveniences that could increase the resale price even more. Consider a retractable sunshade, an enlarged enclosure or increased height to improve your boat’s value.

Decking and Carpet

After a few years’ worths of footsteps, your boat’s deck or carpet may be showing its age. Like a canvas, wear and tear, staining, and constant exposure to salt and moisture can wreak havoc on your flooring. It’s not uncommon for boat flooring to require replacement every five or so years. There are plenty of options for replacing and upgrading your boat’s flooring, no matter the budget.

Depending on your boat’s model year, the appropriate flooring may be available from the manufacturer, ensuring you’ll always get a quality product that fits in your boat. If you prefer to save money on your carpet replacement, you can always opt for do-it-yourself kits which allow you to customize the interior of your boat to match your ideal aesthetic.

Electronics and Interior Upgrades

If you, like so many other boaters, have had the same boat for years, you may find the interior could use a little TLC. Mattresses, cushions, tables and other furniture may be worn down or outdated, which may drive the resale value down when you’re ready to sell. Replace these old and worn pieces with newer, modern furniture and accessories today’s boat enthusiasts seek.

Your boat’s appliances and electronics may also be showing their age, though you may not always realize it. Add a touch of automation and modernism to your boat with updated refrigerators, ice makers, and more functional or “green” appliances. These smaller investments could increase your boat’s value by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Small Maintenance Tasks Go a Long Way

Big updates can significantly improve your boat’s resale value, but little maintenance tasks are what keep the whole craft together. Don’t forget to keep up with the little things your boat needs. Regular waxing and de-waxing are vital to maintain your hull’s shiny appearance, for example. Regularly perform these maintenance practices to improve your boat’s function and appearance.

  • Lubricate stuck zippers with candle or crayon wax
  • Check for clogged fuel vents
  • Line caulking areas with masking tape
  • Tighten fasteners on the bulkheads, decks and other areas
  • Secure battery terminals with wing nuts to prevent loosening due to vibration
Boat, RV and Vehicle Storage Services in Altamonte Springs, FL

Your boat is a huge investment of your time, energy, and money. Don’t let shoddy storage units ruin all that hard work over the winter. If you’re searching for a secure and controlled place to store your pride and joy during the cold months, you can put your trust in Adult Toy Storage.

At Adult Toy Storage, we specialize in the storage of big-ticket items like boats, vehicles, and RVs. Our storage facility is valet-accessible, enclosed to ensure optimum security, and fully available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact us online or call 407-875-8111 to learn more about our available storage options.