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RV Storage Facility in Altamonte Springs, FL

RV Storage Tips for Hot Summer Months

Most RV owners hit the road in the summer months for family vacations or enjoying a windows-down adventure. When you can’t be out the entire summer though, you will need to take precautions for warm weather RV storage. The sun can do more damage than you would expect, especially in the Altamonte Springs, FL summer. Below are some helpful tips from the professionals at Adult Toy Storage, Inc. for protecting your RV while in storage for warm and hot weather:

Clean and Wax: This may seem like a simple or obvious idea, but cleaning your RV before storage will remove all chances of dirt, sand, and other foreign materials from eroding the paint, metal, and plastic exterior. Waxing helps seal the surface so nothing else can reach it if dirt or sand is kicked up around your storage area.

Cover Your RV: It is essential to find the proper cover for your RV depending on the storage area. If you are not using a garage, you will need a thicker, anti-UV material to help prevent damage from the sun to your paint job. Your cover protects the interior and exterior from the elements because the sunlight can fade your carpet, furniture, and appliances. If you don’t cover your RV, it can get up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit which can potentially start melting some of your belongings and appliances inside.

Make Sure It’s Under a Roof: Your best bet for safe RV storage is to park it underneath a roof or canopy. Getting it covered and under a roof is a top priority to help protect your RV from the sun’s rays and hot temperature.

Manage the Humidity Inside: Altamonte Springs, FL is a very humid area, especially in the summer. You will want to take precautions based on this and try to lower the humidity to protect the inside of your RV during storage. Mold and mildew can grow within this environment. You don’t want to welcome yourself back to the inside of your RV with musty smells and green or black patches on your walls and furniture. Placing one to two buckets full of charcoal can help manage the humidity while you are storing your RV in the warm to hot months. You can also use silica packets to absorb moisture in the air. You will also want to leave the vents of your RV partially open to keep a decent flow of fresh air throughout the space.

Plug Sink Drains and Screen in Openings: Prevent an infestation of rodents, roaches, and other vermin while you store your RV by plugging all of your sinks and placing vents on all other openings. Leave them no opportunities possible to crawl inside. Removal of these problem creatures can be a very costly problem when you want to get back on the open road.

RV Storage Tips for Cold Winter Months

If you are like most drivers, you are looking for RV Storage in the winter. Most families are staying in their homes and getting cozy while waiting for the warm summer months to come back. Some major tasks have to be accomplished to secure your ride for RV storage properly. It can be more complicated than preparing it for summer or warm month storage. You need to think differently about the freezing temperatures as opposed to the warm. Below are some pointers from the professionals here at Adult Toy Storage, Inc.:

Thoroughly Clean and Dry the Exterior: If you’ve been out on the road all summer in your RV a good wash is going to help prevent any mildew or mold that may have started from getting out of control. Make sure you wash out all cracks and crevices, hitting the wheel well, window seals, doors, and the undercarriage. You will also want to completely dry all washed areas to prevent any water from expanding and damaging your RV through the cold months.

Stabilize Humidity: Moisture can destroy the inside of your RV while it is in storage. For a place like Altamonte Springs, FL you will need to worry about it being too humid. Setting up some buckets that contain charcoal can help maintain humidity levels should do the trick. This pointer is also an electronic-free method.

Choose the Proper Tarp/Cover: Make sure that you choose a breathable tarp when preparing your RV for storage. That material will help you RV to breathe during its winter relaxation, and it won’t trap moisture around the outside on the body. That trapped moisture can lead to rusting of many of your working parts such as door hinges, windshield wipers, and more.

Keep Rodents Out: After you have thoroughly cleaned and dried all plumbing make sure their openings are closed as this is one of the most accessible access points for mice, squirrels, lizards, insects, and more. Once they get in and make a home in your RV, it can be difficult and costly to get rid of them when it comes time to hit the road again. Give your RV a comprehensive check for cracks or other openings where they might be able to get in and cover that with a screen or repair it right away.

Remove Propane Tanks: Especially if you are storing your RV in a garage with either other vehicles or attached to your home. The containers can rust and become damaged over time and potentially see an explosive end. Keeping them in a safer space with caps on the end will help prevent them from getting dirty and rusting.

Get Rid of All Food: No matter what type of food it is, make sure you get it out. Animals have keen noses and will do anything they can to get to a food source in the winter. This will also help from allowing it to mold. It is best to thoroughly clean, de-ice, and dry your refrigerator and freezer.

Take Home All Electronics: Electronics and cold weather don’t go well together, so if you have devices like alarm clocks, DVD players, TVs, portable music players, etc. then you should take them inside. It is also a deterrent for unwanted guests from attempting to break in your RV and cause more damage.