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Classic car care tips by Adult Toy Storage

Classic Car Storage Facility in Orlando area

Whether you’re a new collector or a long-time car enthusiast, your classic car is your baby. However, as with many collector’s pieces, too much use can negatively affect its appearance and performance, not to mention its worth. That’s why many classic car owners choose to store their treasured vehicles away, especially during the cold months. Before you tuck your classic vehicle away into storage, though, you’ll need to take all the steps you can to ensure it’s still in beautiful condition when it’s time to go for a drive. Follow these classic car care tips to keep your vehicle performing and looking at its best.

Maintain Fluid Levels

Before putting your car into storage, be sure to check on all of its fluid levels. There’s nothing more irritating than taking your classic car out for a spin in summer, only to realize it needs some attention. Top off your transmission fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze, refrigerant and oil to ensure it’s ready to go come spring and summer. Additionally, you’ll want to fill up the gas tank with premium gasoline before storing your classic car. By keeping the gas tank filled with fuel and fuel stabilizer, you protect your tank from rusting. Remove your car’s battery as well to prevent corrosion, and store it off the ground in a cool, dry place.

Detailing and Prep Work

Part of the appeal of classic vehicles is their old-fashioned craftsmanship and appearance. They just don’t make muscle cars like they used to anymore. Although it may seem odd to make sure it’s beautiful before going into storage, this step is important to keep stuck-on debris from scratching or damaging your car. Carefully wash and wax your classic car to protect it from dust, dirt, debris, and pests that may scratch up the paint.

Baking soda is for more than your refrigerator! Place a box inside your vehicle to absorb musty smells while it’s in storage. Stuff the exhaust pipes with foil or steel wool to keep pests out of the cabin. Lubricate all the doors to

ensure they open and close smoothly, and clean and cover your wheels to keep debris from damaging the hub caps. Finally, forego the plastic car cover this year. Plastic covers can trap moisture and lead to rust. Choose, instead, to cover your classic vehicle with a light fabric such as cotton or canvas.

Choosing the Right Storage for Your Classic Car

Once your vehicle is all prepped for storage, it’s time to drop your baby off. Don’t leave it with just any storage company, though. Choose a company with experience handling classic cars, boats, and RVs. If you’re searching for just the right place to store your car in Altamonte Springs and the Orlando area, look no further than Adult Toy Storage, Inc. We treat all your most valued treasures with the utmost care during your time storing with us. To receive your quote today, contact us online or call 407-875-8111.