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Florida’s Drive-In Movie Theaters

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Cinematic History

The first full-feature drive-in was opened in Texas in 1921. Over the next several years, many more opened across the country as people fell in love with the drive-in theater’s appealing convenience. Florida’s first drive-in opened in Miami in 1938. By 1955 there were more than 150 locations across the state! As its popularity began to decline across the nation in the 1970s, Florida residents seemed more interested in holding onto this unique form of automotive entertainment. Unlike most states, Florida’s drive-in fever didn’t decline until the 1980s. Today the state is home to seven nostalgic theaters spread across Central and Southern Florida.

Swap Shop Drive-In Theaters

Originally opened at the Thunderbird Drive-In in 1963, the new Swap Shop Drive-In in Fort Lauderdale is one of America’s largest remaining drive-in theaters. A total of 14 screens fill the expansive complex, which also hosts swap meets on the weekends. A nearby circus rounds out the entertainment experience six days per week.
Swap Shop also runs two other theaters in Lake Worth and Tampa. Swap Shop Drive-In Lake Worth, featuring two screens, is the last outdoor cinema in Palm Beach County. Fun Lan’s Swap Shop Drive-In started with only one screen in 1950. Today the four-screen theater is open nightly throughout the year.

Ocala Drive-In

The Ocala Drive-In Theater has faced a series of ups and downs in its lifetime. First opened in 1948, the theater was forced to close in 2002. It re-opened in 2003 before closing once again. Reopened and revamped in 2011, the drive-in still operates today. The admission price is a cheap $6 for two movies. Patrons are required to tune into a local FM radio station for each film’s audio.

Silver Moon Drive-In

Going strong since 1958, the Silver Moon shows first-run movies on two screens throughout the year. In an effort to stay modern the drive-in recently converted to digital technologies, ensuring it survives the industry-wide transition. Located just an hour west of Orlando, Silver Moon is one of the most conveniently located Central Florida drive-ins.

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