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Toy Car Storage Ideas for Kids

Car Storage Facility In Altamonte Springs, FL

What kid doesn’t want to show off their collection of hotrods and monster trucks to all their friends? You can help your little one be the envy of the neighborhood, while also keeping their toys off the floor by putting together a fun display to showcase their racing collection.

Put Their Collection on Display

One option is to install floating shelves. They don’t need to be full-sized; even something like picture ledges will do the trick. An inch or so of space away from the wall is all your son or daughter needs to place their toy cars in a row for everyone to see. They can take some down as needed, and there’s an entertaining place to put them away when it’s time for bed!

Another fun idea is to make use of kitchen knife bars. These metal strips are magnetic, normally used as an easy and hands-free way to store kitchen knives. They also happen to make an excellent storage choice for metal cars. Your child can simply stick their favorite toys onto the magnetic bar, which is strong enough to hold them until playtime comes around again!

Use a Hanging Organizer

While toy car companies like Hot Wheels sell soft hanging organizers of their own, it’s easy to make or reuse something you already have at home. Women’s hanging shoe organizers are perfect for small toy cars, especially if your little one likes to categorize their vehicles by color or model. If you’re more interested in creating your own, all you really need is a clothing hanger and some cloth. Sew a large piece, about the length of a shirt, to the hanger before adding individual pockets to keep cars and trucks.

Recycle Old Boxes and Plastic Bins

Recycling what you already have at home is the most cost-effective storage option. While cardboard boxes won’t last very long, plastic bins make an effective storage solution for a large number of toy cars. The bin can then be easily slid into a closet or under the bed. If your child is more interested in keeping their toys safe and separate, fishing tackle boxes have many split compartments for storing small vehicles. The lid and handle allow for convenient transportation to and from friends’ houses!

Grownup Car Storage in Florida

Adults want to take care of their toys just as much as kids do, if not more so! Adult Toy Storage is the largest automotive storage center in Florida, with more than 225,000 square feet of space available for automobile storage. Our secure buildings are equipped with entrance and exit cameras to ensure your property is always safe. We even offer individual storage bays for owners who wish to store two or three of their own cars, trucks, boats or recreational vehicles in a separate space. Contact us today for more information!