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If you’re new to boating, you might not know how many boat types are out there. Though they all serve the same essential purpose, they are often divided into three categories – cruising, fishing, and watersports – but sub-categories and uses can vary drastically. These are some of the most popular boat types and their common uses.

Popular Boat Types in the Orlando Area

Speed Boats

Speed boats are great for achieving near-triple-digit speeds. What they sacrifice in cargo space, accessories and cabin room, they make up for in maneuverability, power, and fun. Speed boats come in one- or two-hull designs – the former are classified as V-bottoms and the latter as catamarans.


Bowriders are a good choice for watersports or calm fishing trips, making them very versatile. Their name comes from the open ‘bow’ area near the helm. Classic bowriders are in the 18- to 26-foot range, though larger models – some with fully enclosed cabins – are becoming more popular.


Pontoon boats are cruisers distinct because of the two or three “logs” they float on. They perform best in calm, flat waters where they’re most stable, so they’re seen most often in lakes, bays or marinas. Given their large, flat decks, pontoons are great for hosting guests and cruising on small bodies of water.

Fishing Boats

Fishing boats come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many can be used in salt or freshwater. They’re known for their durability, reliability, and strength, allowing them to venture into different waterways and remain on the water for long stretches of time. They range from low-profile bass and aluminum fishing boats to the larger walkarounds and sport-fishing boats.


A runabout is a broad class that includes many boats in the 14- to 24-foot range seating two to four people, such as small speed boats, bowriders, and combination ski-and-fish boats. Runabouts can be powered by an inboard, outboard, jet drives or inboard-outboard drives. They’re often used for watersports, fishing or cruising.

Recreation Trawler

Recreation trawlers are great boats for long trips because they typically come with fully enclosed sleeping and cooking areas. These slow-and-steady cruisers use a displacement hull, allowing them to operate more efficiently than other cruiser varieties by using less horsepower and fuel.


Many people are familiar with sailboats – they’re traditionally monohulled boats propelled entirely by wind sails, but they come in many varieties. They require a great deal of skill to operate, so they’re considered a specialty boat. Daysailers, cruisers, and performance sailboats round out a long list of sailboat types.

Cabin Cruisers

Like runabouts, cabin cruisers are more of a class than a singular type of boat. Many modern cruisers have full living provisions – galley, bathroom, and sleeping area – and can embark on long trips. They’re faster than trawlers, and range in size from about 30 to 100 feet depending on the specific type.

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