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Smart storage ideas for clothes
When items such as clothes, shoes, books, and TV remotes don’t have a designated home it’s not uncommon for your living space to become cluttered and disorganized. Not only does constantly searching for misplaced items become annoying, but it also makes cleaning up a more tedious chore than it needs to be. Here are some smart storage solutions to keep all your belongings neat and tidy while making the most out of your space and reducing the need to clean up as often.

Creative Storage Solutions
Elevate Your Shoes

Floating shoe racks idea by Adult Toy Storage
Keep practicality in mind when creating a storage space for shoes. Ideally, shoe storage should be stationed near doors leading outside. Floating shoe racks are great options as they keep shoes elevated off the ground, reducing the cluttering effect that a pile of shoes visually creates.

Organize your Tupperware

Tupperware is notorious for how difficult it is to store. Stack Tupperware effectively like a Russian nesting doll, with the largest item as the base and inserting smaller containers until the smallest container fits nicely inside all the other containers. However, lids require a separate tactic.
Organize lids by repurposing an old CD rack you may have to lie around. The rack’s slots fit most lid sizes, making it easy to store lids and grab them when you need them without digging through a pile of them. An alternative is to pin a bag with individual sleeves to the inside of your Tupperware cabinet door so you can group and file Tupperware lids according to their size.

Wrangle Loose Batteries

Batteries can be easily lost in a drawer filled with other items. A great way to group and store batteries is to repurpose a tackle box. The individual compartments are great for grouping similar-sized batteries together, making it easy to pluck them when you need them.

Hang Ironing Boards

Hanging ironing board
Ironing boards can be easily hidden in closets, but it’s best to maximize and save closet space for other items. Instead, hang your ironing board on a hook mounted to the wall behind a room’s door. When the door is opened it hides the ironing board out of sight. You can also mount the ironing board to the back of the door, depending on your preference.

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