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A Different Type of Piracy

Keep Your Boat & Trailer Safe at Adult Toy Storage

There’s big business for thieves in Florida, where boat trailer thefts are on the rise. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Division documented 811 boat engine thefts in 2016 compared to 643 in 2015, with most of the stolen engines made by Yamaha. The National Insurance Crime Bureau’s records indicate 5,115 watercraft were stolen last year alone. And, as it turns out, the Miami area is number one for the most stolen boats, closely followed by Tampa, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and Tavares.1

Don’t get left high and dry when thieves target your boat – here are some excellent security tips to ensure your boat and boat trailer aren’t going anywhere.

Boat and Trailer Theft Prevention

Part of successfully securing your boat and its trailer is outwitting thieves with security tactics that will frustrate and confuse them. Get the jump on them first by combining some of the following tactics.

  • Wheel Boots – Models that cover the wheel lugs, like the Fat Boy, can stop thieves in their tracks. Crafty thieves can circumvent some boot models, but the Fat Boy covers the whole wheel, which prevents thieves from simply removing the wheel and replacing it.
  • Locking Coupler to Tow Vehicle – Locking the coupler to the tow vehicle prevents thieves from easily chaining unhitched trailers to their vehicles. The more inconvenient it is to steal a trailer, the more likely thieves will be deterred. Keep in mind that thieves may attempt to steal your hitched vehicle, but if a club is attached to your steering wheel and your alarm is on, the thieves will be further deterred, especially if your vehicle features modern, state-of-the-art security technology they can’t bypass.
  • Remove Trailer Wheels – When stored, remove one of your boat trailer’s wheels and its spare to frustrate thieves.
  • Heavy Duty Chain and Padlock – Safeguard your boat from being stolen by thieves by weaving a heavy-duty chain and padlock through the steering wheel’s open slats and around the trailer frame. Keep in mind thinner chains can be easily cut with bolt cutters – use 1½-diameter chains to dissuade them. They’ll need a blow torch to cut through it, and it’s likely they won’t bring one with them.
Rest Easy Knowing Your Boat is Safe with Adult Toy Storage’s Secure Facility with Round-the-Clock Monitoring

Thieves can be crafty, but they’re not crafty enough to breach Adult Toy Storage’s secure grounds! Our fully enclosed storage facility provides high-security indoor and outdoor storage options, with camera surveillance, gate code access, and locked buildings, keeping thieves at bay from even setting foot on the premises.

Owners can access their boat and trailer at any time with 24/7 automated access that allows you to check up on your boat any time while keeping intruders out. Florida residents depend on us to keep their boats safe, and we deliver on that promise with outstanding customer service and premium security.

Contact us to store your boat with Adult Toy Storage today!